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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 9, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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>> hope to see you here next week. onfnc. >> hope to see you here next week. glrowing fears that obamacae is a buzz kill to the economy. welcome to america's news headquarters. top lawmakers speaking out on the brand new congressional budget report that the health care law awill cost the country2 million jobs. steve has more. >> and as you might expect, this debate falls along very prictable partisan lines. democrats say the affordable
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care act provides a new measure of freedom for american workers while republicans say it's a tashl blow to an already struggling economy. >> any law you pass that discourages people from working complai can't be a good idea. how does that allow people to prepare for a time when they don't work? >> the figures from the nonpartisan congressional budget office were released last week and show some 2.3 billion workers will leave full-time employment by 2021 as a result of the health care law. while republicans say this number is larger than expected and could be devastating, democrats say it provides workers with more choices. they won't be locked in to jobs they don't want just to keep their health care benefits. >> in some case these people might have two jobs. one they will no longer work.
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people would work two full-time jobs. now they won't need to. >> and democrats say the law would not impact private sector job creation and the positions vacated by those who choose to leave the workforce would easily be filled by others. >> steve, thanks very much. some backlash today over attorney general eric holder's announce tment d.o.j. will begi recognizing same-sex marriages. the attorney general saying that the change impacts how same-sex couple s interact with the u.s. court system, but some are a calling this yet another example p overreach by the federal government. molly has the story from washington. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder wants to recognize gay marriages, quote, to the greatest september possibnt pose law. so starting monday, same sex married couples are not be compelled to testify against each over in federal court.
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>> the federal government will not use state views as a basis to object to someone in a same-sex marriage invoking this right. >> reporter: the supreme court ruled last year that federal benefits could not be denied to legally married same-sex couples. but the court left the door open for states to determine who is allowed to be married. 33 states have laws defining marriage as between one man and one woman. the family research council which advocates for traditional marriage says the federal government should not be trying to, quote, force these states to change their definition of >> w another exannual pefl the lawlessness of the obama administration in going well beyond what any court required and instead pushing their own liberal ideological agenda to the maximum extent possible. >> reporter: on capitol hill, reaction to holder's announcement was mixed. >> the attorney general is saying we'll apply the same
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rules as we do for other married couples for the same-sex couples when it comes to our courts. >> it appears to be another example of the obama administration imposing its will on the states. >> attorney general holder also announced the department of justice will recognize married, gay and rez bee lesbian couples the brup case and rules governing federal inmates. >> molly, thanks. shocking revelations about nsa leaker ed edward snowden. the "new york times" reporting intel gns officials believe the national insurance agency should have detected that snowden was copying sensitive data. snowden used inexpensive software to access the files. the report says wickry leaks founder julian assange used similar techniques to take state department files three year s o
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ago. and iran claiming several warships are moving toward the war time borders. the agency quoting an admiral saying this is intended ed ted a message. but a senior member saying this is an announcement, into the deployment. and tehran is seeing growing division in its leadership. lawmakers angered over rue than that i's decision to halt a missile test. hard liners in iran are at odds are rouhani over the outreach where the west. conor powell has more on this. >> reporter: president rouhani was elected last year to shake things up in tehran, but hard line conservatives there are pushing back against the changes. there is a ongoing fight in tehran about the future of iran. and rouhani comes from the conservative element camp in iran, but he also is viewed internationally as a pragmatist,
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elected last year by moderate groups, rouhani pledged to jump-start the economy, also planned to talk with the united states to change the face of iran around the world. but i faces a hard line element in iran who have long used the country's nuclear program and the threat from america to govern islamic republic. you rue than my's outreach to the west threatens the ideological base of iran's hard liners. you but it's also hitting their bank accounts by scaling back iran's nuclear program, caps link missile tests and halting building project. but so far their supreme leader has allowed rouhani to do this even though it has angered many hard liners and conservatives in iran. earlier today, the u.n. announced iran has agreed to allow international inspectors back into the country to see
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several important sight sites a facilities connected to the program, however right now not all of the sites that are connected to that nuclear program are open to inspectors. still many will be blocked for inspectors going forward. so while some progress has been made, a lot of progress still yet to be made in iran in terms of their nuclear program. >> conor powell from jerusalem. thanks very much. an update from sochi, howym stacking up. and ao embroiled in a big controversy. why the company ceo is changes his tune on the retirement plan for his employees. plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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jamie anderson takes the gold in what is being called a near flawless performance in the snowboarding slope style competition. her win giving the u.s. the sweep of the slope style event after sage kotsenburg won the men's competition yesterday. the current medal count, the u.s. is in a three-way tie for the most gold at two and sits in third overall. but of course it's quite early. aol becoming the latest company to blame obamacare for rising costs. but its ceo now saying the company is reversing the decision to change just how 401(k) benefits are paid. the tech giant previously said it would have to cut back on retirement plans or the cost of employee health insurance would soar. let's bring in brenda buttner. so they reversed themselves under pressure being but isn't
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the takeaway here that obamacare is having a significant impact, not only on businesses, but their workers and not necessarily in a good way? >> no, definitely a negative impact. and you mentioned aol and it retire the plan. i think we'll see companies try to come up with more creative ways no to the pass these things on to their employeesme the pla. i think we'll see companies try to come up with more creative ways no to the pass these things on to their employeesn the plan. i think we'll see companies try to come up with more creative ways no to the pass these things on to their employeest the plan. i think we'll see companies try to come up with more creative ways no to the pass these things on to their employeeshe plan. i think we'll see companies try to come up with more creative ways no to the pass these things on to their employees plan. i think we'll see companies try to come up with more creative ways no to the pass these things on to their employees or not pay themselves themselves. yes, there is the reinsurance transitional fee which is design tood help t designed to help the exchanges, research fee, cadillac taxes, all of these piled up on the workers. >> the list goes on and on. just drives up the cost of the workers. but look, so i try to go through in cbo report, congressional budget office. it's nonpartisan. a lot of people are interpreting it different ways. here's what i dug out of it.
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2.5 million full-time jobs will be lost because of obamacare. 6 million to 7 million will lose employerer sponsored coverage. i think that's conservative. and 31 million will still be uninsured in ten years. and the cost will exceed $2 million. >> we were speaking during the break you and you brought up the fact that president obama said we want to get rid of the 30 million uninsured. and we've had many unintended consequences from all of this. we're already seeing employers cut people from full-time to part-time. so they don't have to pay. and we're seeing premiums going up. >> the report said, and i'll quote here, americans will choose to supply less labor given the new taxes and other incentives they will face and the financial benefits some will receive. in other words, do i read this correctly that in many ways obamacare is a disincentive to work or to work full-time?
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>> yes, because basically if you work more, you'll lose the subsidies that you would get for obamacare. so it is a disincentive. now, many democrats say that is a good thing because they won't be job locked or whatever. but what they don't bring up is the fact that you and me who stay in our jobs are going to be paying for those people who basically are choosing to work less. >> and the white house tried to make that argument a lot of people said it was utterly laughable when jay carney is standing there at the podium trying to say this, look, the 2.5 million who will be working lessor not at all, well, it will be wonderful for them because they will be able to enjoy doing other things with their lives and i'm thinking like what, you know, poetry, painting, basket weaving? gee, thanks. >> in fact nancy pelosi actually brought up some of those things. you can discover your imagination and all that. but again, taxpayers are paying for that. it's all very well and good.
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but in this kind of economy, we can't afford to have people just wander off and find themselves. >> i was really struck by a very moving call-in by a young woman by the name of emily. she suffers from lupus and she explained to reared that the she was a big supporter of obamacare and now she fears betrayed. her low deduct willing pible pe policy to her has been canceled by virtue of obamacare. and get this, her premium has now gone from $57 a month to $373 a month. i mean i think that is almost a 7 700% increase. her out of pocket has skyrocketed and now she has such costs associated with obama care, she has to go get a second job. >> yeah, and the thing is very tragic story, very moving, is that she's not alone.
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there are many people with breast cancer who are losing their plans, losing their doctors. it's very sad in many ways. >> called it unaffordable and uncaring referring to obamacare. brenda, good to see you. thank you very much. bulls and bears every saturday morning 10:00 a.m. right here on the fox news channel. check it out. george zimmerman celebrity slugfest canceled. the promoter called off the match after death threats and petitions from hundreds of you thousands of folks. reports also say dmx, a lengthy rap sheet himself, never in fact signed a fight contract. well, a hot button issue of immigration reform hitting a wall on capitol hill. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle playing the blame game. so who could pay the price in november's midterm elections is this i'm rdy, and i quit smoking with chantix.
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plenty of finger-pointing going on in washington over the battle of immigration reform. top lawmakers are blaming one another for the progress going on. take a listen to this. >> our immigration system is broken. i think americans understand that. we need to respond to it. i think that there's so much in-fighting in the republican party in the house, they are concerned they will show that fracturing of the party. and therefore the immigration bill is one of the casualties. >> i think that the house reluctance has a lot of things that drive it, and one is the president's constant talking about how he can use his pen and telephone. i didn't vote for the senate immigration bill because i didn't think it secured the
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border adequately and didn't address the workplace border. the house has said, let's divide these problems up, let's solve them one at a time. >> our next guest says republicans should listen to the american people and he writes the following, while the issue of immigration falls far behind the truly urgent issues such as jobs, the economy, gas prices and how to obamacare is screwing everyone over, if the republican leaders go along with the democrats to pass this crazy amnesty plan, the issue of immigration will quickly become one of the most urgent issues in the country, especially among the republican voters. and then it really will become the extinct old party. charlie hurt wrote this, always good to talk to you. you are right about one thing, immigration is not a priority foramericans. take a look at the recent fox news poll that we put on the screen, economy and jobs by far the most important issue, around 50%. health care and the deficit far
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behind. at the very bottom, immigration, a scant 2% of americans think it's important. so here's my question, why did for a nanosecond speaker boehner suddenly decide to make it a priority? >> well, that's the $50 million question right now. i guess if it is possible that it would sort of be a head-fake, you know, a posturing, if you will, in order to sort of kind of shine up the republican credentials among hispanics, which i think is a very bad ploy to try to do it this way. but the real thing, i think, greg, is that the republican party, they have seen these polls, they have to know that it's not a big issue and that it's far better to talk about the economy and jobs and things like that. but i can't help but think that it has a lot to do with the fact that big business, which relies on the republican party to do a lot of its bidding for, if big business has convinced republicans that they have to do this because big business needs
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the cheap labor and this is the -- granting amnesty or naturalizing illegal aliens is the best way to get the cheap labor that they are starving for. >> being awakened from his sum we are and reversed himself. but the economy with the jobs numbers on friday, which were awful, the economy is still in a dismal business. oba obamacare is a bigger disaster. all of it is blamed on the president and democrats, so would it not be foolishly destructive for the republicans to focus on anything other than that where they have a legit mt. chance to take the senate? >> absolutely. this is what i find offensive about this notion, that the only way to appeal to hispanic voters is to grant amnesty to people who are breaking the law. how about the fact that one thing we know from all of this is that a lot of the illegal that is have come here and a lot of the legal hispanics that come here, they are hard workers. the reason they came to the
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united states is because they believe in the rule of law. and because -- they came to the united states to make a better life for themselves and their families. why don't republicans talk about that? why don't republicans talk about the importance of hard work and the importance of keeping the money that you earn and the importance of the rule of law? and if they talk about those things in terms of obamacare, jobs, the economy and things like that, my bet is that hispanic voters, perhaps more than any other demographic group, are going to -- it's going to resonate with them because we have seen that they do believe in those things. >> the other thing i want your opinion on, take a look at the fox news poll. more than two-thirds, 68%, favor a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants who pass background checks and they pay backtaxes. i was struck by that high number. only 15% favor deportation. what do you make of what, charlie? >> well, the important point here to remember about --
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especially in terms of who is dragging their feet and who is not dragging their feet, republicans go back 10, 15 years have been talking about the importance of beefing up the borders. and forcing the laws internally so that it will be more difficult for employers to hire clearly illegal workers. and to discourage people from breaking the law and coming here in the first place, which i think we all should agree, democrats claim that they believe in that stuff, but democrats refuse to go along with any of that without the am messty aspect of all of it, which they are trying to get -- that's all they really do care about. i would argue they don't even care about the security measures in a lot of ways, but the point here is that if we got this -- if the border were secured and we fixed the problem that keeps coming up, i think that a lot more americans, that number doesn't surprise me. i can see a lot more americans saying, do we really want to deport someone who has never
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broken the law, except for crossing the border? but otherwise is in the a lawless person, someone who is working hard, has a family, all those things, i think that -- i think that number is reflected in. i think people would go along with that. >> yeah. it was interesting to listen to boehner say i don't trust the president to enforce the board e, and yet i know that obama has deported more illegals than any administration in modern history, 2 million people. we'll leave that for another discussion. charlie hurt, great to see you, as always. thank you for being with us this sunday. we appreciate it. >> thank you, greg. >> take care. >> that's it for us. i'm greg jarrett. "the healthy you" is coming up next. have a great weekend, everybody. bye-bye. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq.
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welcome to "a healthy you." i'm carol alt. today's show focuses on different ways to make yourself healthier by using idea outside the box. from natural deodorants to making changes in the fast food industry. first up, the dirty dozen hormone altering chemicals. yep, you heard it right. the dirty dozen chemicals that you could be ingesting. how do you know if you are? where are they? how do they alter hormones? and what does that do to our health? and how do you cut them out? no worries, we have heather white, executive director of the environmental working group here with us to talk about the dirty dozen and how you can


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